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Community screenings are a fantastic way to create a human-to-human connection with the struggles boys face in dance

DANSEUR is the award-winning documentary that addresses exactly what it is like to be a boy in ballet. Told through the first-person accounts of nearly two-dozen DANSEURs, it tells the sometimes gut wrenching stories of what it like to be gender stereotyped, bullied and outcast in pursuit of your dreams.

We’ve created the DANSEUR Screening Kit to give nonprofits, dance studios, businesses, and community organizations an easy-to-use resource for showing the film and leading a discussion about gender bias, stereotypes and bullying.

Purchase the Screening Kit for your nonprofit, studio, community organization, university, or public library.


Licensing is for organizations that wish to screen the film either publicly or privately and it is not intended for individuals who simple wish to share it with their friends and family. The film will be available for purchase shortly.

We offer a tiered licensing and pricing system to make the film accessible to all types of organizations. The Screening Kit includes an unlimited public performance license at one facilitycontact us about purchasing multiple kits at a discount.


The DANSEUR Screening Kit is an easy-to-use resource that includes everything you’ll need for planning, promoting, and hosting your community screening:

  • Blu-ray Disc – 70min feature-length version of the film
  • Planning and discussion guide
  • 20 postcards, 4 full-size posters
  • License to exhibit the film at your facility



Organizations are already using DANSEUR to make an impact in their communities. At screenings from New Zealand to Guatemala, the film is starting important conversations that extend well beyond dance but to the larger issues of bulying and stereotypes. Here are some success stories from recent events:

“Discovering Danseur made me understand that not only in my country, being a male ballet dancer is not easily accepted. I felt the necessity and responsibility to share Danseur in my society to generate a dialogue and promote the knowledge and understanding needed in order to respect and accept. In September 2018, we had two Danseur screenings, one in Guatemala City and the other in Antigua Guatemala.  After the screening we had an open discussion with the general public and Scott Gormley (director), Guatemalan dancers and we had the privilege to have Harper Watters from the Houston Ballet. Danseur was the inspiration for the creation of an association, “Asociación DS para el fomento y desarrollo de la danza”, (DS Association for the promotion and development of dance).  The first project of the association is a scholarship  program for male dancers who have the interest in dance but do not have the means to pay for classes.  Also the association will stage two shows a year to raise funds so the scholarship program can work.  My intention is that dance reaches everyone in my country and that anyone who wants to dance will be able to do so.”
— Liliana Foncea, Guatemala

It brought back so many memories. It inspired me to continue to support young dancers as they pursue their careers as dance professionals, as well as young dancers that simply enjoy the art of dance as a way to express themselves authentically. I hope every young dancer gets to see this film!  
— Robert Curran, 
Artistic & Executive Director, Louisville Ballet

I was delighted to lead the RAD’s collaboration with Scott in 2018. As a film, Danseur resonated very strongly with our Project B campaign…launched in 2017, this aims to celebrate and inspire the next generation of male dancers. We saw a collaboration based around Danseur as a great way of surfacing some of the issues that we know can exist in getting boys to the barre.

We partnered on three screenings of the film, in London (UK), Sydney (Australia) and Wellington (New Zealand), facilitating Q&A panel sessions and lively discussions at each event and reaching over 600 dance fans across the three events. The film was a great stimulus for the kinds of debate that Project B, and the RAD, are keen to promote.

Matthew Cunningham

Director of Strategic Development and Fundraising, Royal Academy of Dance

DANSEUR is a powerful film that explores the challenges and struggles of male dancers.  As a board member and former Chair of the Dance Department at Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, I felt strongly that the dance students needed to experience a screening of the film along with a panel discussion with professional dancers from the community. Using the film as a catalyst to open the dialogue about bullying in dance, students have been more willing to have an open dialogue with counselors, faculty, and other students.

Lily Cabatu Weiss

Executive Director, Dallas Arts District

Scott Gormley’s film, Danseur, speaks to the ongoing issues and concerns faced by young and professional male dancers in the industry.  It highlights pertinent topics surrounding the stigma of the male dancer by society, the bullying by peers, and parental perception about the profession.  Guests from the local arts community, Point Park University administrators, faculty from across the university and the entire Dance Department were invited to the screening of the film on Point Park University’s campus in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh.  The film created a forum where students and faculty can continue the conversation in classes, with peers and with parents. Students recognize that by politicizing dance, by questioning societal constructed ‘normative’ attitudes about dance, they are excavating deeply held false notions that are at the root of the stigmas about the male dancer.  The film also hits on a personal note for Gormley, the father of a young man, also a Point Park student, who chose dance as a career.  Brilliantly shedding light on the continuing important and necessary dialogue that needs to take place in training institutions, with parents and in society as a whole, Danseur is a must see! 

Garfield Lemonius

Chair of Dance & Associate Artistic Director, Conservatory of Performing Arts | Point Park University

Interested in hosting a screening but want to learn more?

We have been lucky enough to screen DANSEUR all around the world, but we know we can not reach every corner. That is why we are partnering with organizations, studios, schools and individuals to host individual screenings that serve their community, both big and small. If you are interested in learning more about this program, please contact us below.

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