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POSTED 9:52 AM, JUNE 27, 2018, BY UPDATED AT 10:46AM, JUNE 27, 2018

HOUSTON — Tights and taunting! Being a boy in the ballet is not easy. Danseura new documentary, unveils the brutal bullying of boy dancers.

Making his documentary debut, Producer and Director Scott Gormley knows this all to well. Gormley decided to explore this after his young son was bullied while pursuing his dream of becoming a ballet dancer.

Gormley sat down with morning dose.’s Maggie Flecknoe to talk more about this passion project and what he hopes Danseur will do for the ballet community.

They continued their discussion on Facebook Live. Watch below:

Tights & taunting! 'Danseur' documentary unveils brutal bullying of boy dancers

Tights, Tutus & taunting! New documentary Danseur follows journey of boys braving bullies while pursuing their ballet dreams. Director Scott Gormley of joins Maggie in the Mornings to discuss the documentary & his personal connection.Click here for interview –>

Posted by CW39 on Wednesday, June 27, 2018

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